How to choose good web hosting to build a site for your e-commerce project: step-by-step guide 2


Beginning an e-commerce business can be a bit overwhelming, especially for new ones. If you are looking to build an online store, then selecting a good website hosting is extremely important than you might think. Many businesses mainly fail due to the terrible security, improper loading speeds, and improperly managed web servers. Finding a reliable hosting provider for an e-commerce project is the first crucial step towards creating and handling a successful online store.

There may be several doubts in your mind about selecting the right web hosting. Whether the platform will be good or not and which one web hosting will fulfill all your needs may confuse you a lot. But before anything, do not make any purchases until you learn detailed information here. The more you research different web hosting and compare, the more it will be easy for you to pick the ideal one. You can understand the particular web hosting which will elevate your e-commerce site and provide you the maximum advantage.


What does web hosting mean?


Every online store and website just needs one important thing to get online, and that is a web host. Web hosting refers to providing a server for your website to reside on and gives it the ability to connect to the internet, along with allowing people to visit the site. In general, you are just buying the right to unused server space from someone else and accessing service from a company that has the knowledge to optimize and secure their servers. Basically, hosting comes in different types along with its own pros and cons. While some types are named on the basis of their hardware, others have certain unique features.


Benefits of Selecting a Reliable Host


There are definitely some huge advantages of picking up a top web hosting provider. Here are a few of its benefits mentioned below.

  1. You get a high performing website:

A reliable host will ensure that the performance of your website remains optimal. Websites that have greater performance rank well in Google and help to outperform your competitors. For instance, if your site loads within six seconds and other sites load in ten seconds, then Google will rank your site higher in search results. Also, slower websites hamper user experience and can lead to a decrease in conversion rate.

  1. No Downtime:

Any e-commerce website owner knows that a website crash can be the most frustrating thing. Every time your website is down for a few minutes, you are losing money. However, losing money is just one side-effect, and downtime can affect your business in many ways. For avoiding all such hindrances, a reliable host can help and can prevent the site from downtime.

  1. Customers will feel secured:

People do not want to make a purchase if the sites are not properly secure or trustworthy. For instance, if the website is not encrypted with HTTPS, then it will have a non secure label which can make your clients not willing to buy anything. Therefore, a good host is required that will make the site more secure and enhance the user experience.


Top Things to Consider While Choosing a Web Hosting for Your E-commerce Project


There are certain features that you must be looking for while picking up web hosting. Check for and consider the below features in order to select the best hosting provider for e-commerce projects.

  1. Bandwidth and Storage Space:

When creating an e-commerce site, you must know that the sites can take much of the storage space, and these types of websites usually drive more traffic. Therefore, you need a host that has sufficient resources for you; otherwise, you will end up paying a huge amount of fees. Themes and templates are a huge part of site designing, and you should go for good themes no matter how much space it consumes. Also, the e-commerce site will eat more space with every product image upload. So, you are required to pick a host that can help you in a huge storage space.

  1. High Performance: 

For an e-commerce site, your topmost priority should be finding a faster and reliable host. Customers will be uninterested in your site if the loading time is greater than 3 seconds, and it can hamper your business growth. In shared hosting, an issue of downtime is often noticed, which is clearly unacceptable for an online store. Moreover, you should remain careful about whom you are selecting as it may cause a website crash or slowdown. Your web hosting provider should also include uptime monitoring that will alert you immediately when something goes wrong.

  1. Proactive Support:

It is a fact that errors or some issues will definitely come when you create a new site. Your site can remain down for many hours if your host does not have a nice support team. The support from your host should be helpful, friendly, fast, and should resolve the issue in a proactive manner. A good host usually has 24/7 chat, phone, or email support, automatic notices at the time of server down, and a knowledge base that can be a self-serve online information library. Always go for a trustworthy company with great reviews on customer support as well as maintenance.

  1. Mobile Capability:

Many studies have revealed that mobile devices generate most of the global website traffic. Therefore, opting for a mobile-friendly website will be vital for your business. The entire site should be perfect for phones and tablets so that users will get interested in it. Increased user experience raises average time on site. A host that provides responsiveness and enables a mobile-friendly site will be helpful in gaining numerous potential customers.

  1. Complete Security:

It is extremely lucrative to hack online stores that have poor security, and the e-commerce sites are prone to be hacked as it contains several sensitive information. Therefore, select a hosting provider that gives a secure website infrastructure and remains updated with security protocols. It will prevent your website from any attacks.




Many brands become a victim of slow loading and poor security due to a bad host. So, when you are looking for web hosting for your e-commerce project, you should consider all the above features that will be best for your business.



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