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We present You Best Angular 12 HTML Website Templates in 2023! Enjoy

1. Steex

Steex is fully Responsive admin and dashboard template! It is built with Angular Typescriptand Bootstrap 5.3.0-alpha2! We have used SCSS to write fewer lines of code, which improves performance and allows us to create better-looking designs. We have also used root variables to manage themes, so you can switch between them quickly without reloading the page or adding extra lines of code. Whether you’re building a web app, eCommerce platform, CRM, or real estate project, Steex has got you covered.

2. Velzon

Velzon is a fully responsive and premium Bootstrap 5 Admin & Dashboard Template built in HTML, React js, Angular 15, Vue 3, Laravel 10, ASP.Net Core 7, Django, Svelte, CodeIgniter, Symfony, PHP, Ajax, Flask, AIOHTTP, Bottle, Node Js (EJS) & Cake PHP. Whether you’re creating a web app, dashboards, admin panels, eCommerce app, Project management, Crypto admin, CRM, or SASS-based interface then you are at the right place to buy this admin dashboard template. We have used gulp-based build tools and SCSS variables-based modes along with RTL supported except ( Ajax, PHP, Symfony & Nodejs ). You can quickly change the layout or mode by changing data attributes only instead of changing huge lines of code. We have written complete minimal code for the beautiful UI.

HexaDash is a premium multipurpose dashboard & admin template based on Tailwind, React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, Node JS, Laravel, Django, TypeScript, and Bootstrap 5. With a heavy stroke of surprise, this admin dashboard is highly optimized which can change the way you use for progressive web application patterns. It comes up with 150+ pages, 100+ components, 5+ pre-built Dashboards, 15+ pre-built apps, 100+ widgets, etc. This template is easy to customize with CSS Variables that means you can frame it exactly the way you want. The Clean & Well Commented Codes will help you to work with it very easily without getting stuck on the way to development journey. Again, some auxiliary yet powerful features are Profile, Settings, Gallery, Pricing, Banners, Testimonial, Faqs, Maintenance , 404, Terms & Conditions, Coming Soon and many more pages, lots of apps including Email, eCommerce, Calendar, Projects, Tasks, Supports, Learning, Note, Contact, Calendar & many more.

Angular HTML Website Templates

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