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We present You Best HTML5 Dashboard Template in 2017 Collection! Enjoy

If you are creating some interesting and complex application you will probably need some Admin Dashboard Area, where users can see lots of data on one single screen/place. These days you don’t need weeks or even months to work on design and development of this important part of your next web project, You just need to buy and download one good Full Responsive and Professional Admin Template. Some of Best Admin Dashboard Design Templates are created with HTML5. CSS3, Bootstrap Framework for Responsive Design, jQuery and AngularJS libraries, so they bring amazing user experiences and beautiful User Interfaces. Most people search on Google for ‘Best Dashboard Design Templates‘ and ‘Dashboard Template HTML5‘ or simple ‘HTML5 Dashboard‘ and ‘HTML Dashboard‘ so we prepared some amazing Collections.

Metronic is a responsive and multipurpose admin and frontend theme powered with Twitter Bootstrap Framework. Metronic can be used for any type of web applications: custom admin panels, admin dashboards, CMS, CRM, SAAS and websites: business, corporate, portfolio, blog. Metronic has a sleek, clean and intuitive metro style design which makes your next project look awesome and yet user friendly. Metronic has a huge collection of plugins and UI components and works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets and phones.

2. Angulr

Angulr is responsive HTML5 Dashboard Template built with Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS. It looks great on any resolution on desktop and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Angulr have eight color palettes.

Limitless is a new professional admin template, based on Bootstrap framework. Limitless is a powerful and super flexible tool, which suits best for any kind of web application. Includes 1 main and 3 alternative layouts, 1000+ commented HTML pages, 1000+ components with different features and options, 100+ plugins and extensions etc. Limitless includes Starter kit – a set of blank pages, that will make your developer’s life much easier. Limitless template is fully responsive, which means that it looks perfect on mobiles and tablets.

4. Remark

Remark is a premium admin dashboard design template based on Bootstrap. There are a huge of powerful components build with Less css which makes it easy to modify. It’s the latest collection in our highly reliable libraries, its componets cover the best practices on web and mobile. It can be easily integrated into your projects, allowing you to create solutions for your future designs quickly. Remark has some of best dashboard design.

5. Make

Make is a flat and responsive admin HTML5 Dashboard Template for multi-usage built with Bootstrap 3. There are a lot of useful components, well organized and structured properly. It offer you great variety of layout options: RTL, boxed, sidebar on top… This theme is built on Bootstrap framework and works perfectly on desktop, tablets and mobile phones and it’s one of best dashboard design.

6. OneUI

OneUI is a super flexible UI framework based on Bootstrap that will enable you to build your backend and frontend pages using the same fast and powerful layout. It is created to save you time and be as lightweight as possible. Completely modular with many unique features, it will help you build your next awesome product.

Triangular is a unique Material Design AngularJS admin template. Unlike most admin templates available today, Triangular has been built from the ground up using Google’s own Angular Material project. This makes triangular the only fully Material Design admin template around!

8. Altair

Altiar is a professional HTML5/CSS3 Material Design template based on UIkit Framework and jQuery Library. This template has been built with Bower (package manager), Gulp (streaming build tool) and Handlebars.js (templating system). Altair is 100% responsive. Whether your users use tablets, mobiles or desktops to access your site, they’ll all have the same consistent user experience.

9. Fuse

Fuse is a fully Responsive admin HTML5 Dashboard Template. Fuse uses Google’s Angular Material project. All elements that available in the Angular Material project can be used within Fuse. Besides the Angular Material elements Fuse also have support for couple other elements: Material Design Cards, C3 Charts, Chart.js, nvD3, Google Map, Price Tables, Tables and Datatable.

10. Packet

Packet Admin Theme is an AngularJS HTML5 Dashboard Template specifically designed for developers and conceived to offer you unlimited resources for any project, from a management system, to a backend, a CMS, a CRM or simply a welcome page.
Packet is available in 6 different layouts, with 30 default colour schemes. Also, thanks to its unique structure, you can easily combine all the elements according to your needs.

11. StartUI

StartUI – a full featured, premium web application admin dashboard built with Twitter Bootstrap 4, JQuery and CSS (Less). It comes with a lot of ready to use components ideal for building you web application, CMS, CRM, admin panel, eCommerce dashboard, or any other type of application backend. StartUI coded highly responsive for your mobile phone & tablets. Completely modular with many unique features, it will help you build your next awesome product.

12. Clean UI

Uplon is a fully responsive premium web UI kit built with awesome bootstrap v4. It comes with super clean user interfaces, many ready to use and highly customizable components and widgets. The power of SASS and easy code allows any developer to turn this theme into real web application.

Elite Admin is a premium HTML5 Dashboard Template with flat design. It is fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 3.3.6 Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media query. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all type of web applications like custom admin panel, app backend, CMS or CRM.

14. Material

Material is a Google Material Design inspired admin template built with Angular & Bootstrap. This template si fully Responsive and Retina Ready. Since it is responsive, the layout will adapt to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smart phones, tablets or desktop computers.

15. Boooya

Boooya – powerful admin template based on newest technologies. This template is fully responsive and retina ready. It means that you can easily build your web application and be sure that it will work well on all devices. Also its included with unique plugins that developed specially for Boooya template.

Monster Admin is fully Responsive HTML5 Dashboard Template. Within MonsterAdmin template you can change the color, size position of the elements and widgets on the fly. In this way, webmasters can save themselves a great deal of time and create various kinds of projects in the short run.

17. Zircos

Zircos is a premium, fully responsive web app UI kit. It has flat design and built with Bootstrap 3.3.7, HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery. It comes with bunch of reusable UI widgets, components, ready made pages. The clean and modular code will allow you to easily build any web application.

18. Beagle

Beagle is a responsive HTML5 Dashboard Template based on the famous Bootstrap framework, made it with love in every pixel, with tons of beautiful features ready to use. This template works seamlessly on all major web browsers and devices.

19. Admire

Admire is a bootstrap 4 based admin template built with developers in mind. It comes with 70+ pages and 6 layouts. It has 6 colors schemes and 2 dashboard styles and plenty of widgets. We have used gulp for asset streamlining, so it will be very easy for you to customize it as per your needs.

20. Azimuth

Azimuth is a front-end HTML5 Dashboard Template based on Angular 2, Bootstrap 4 and Webpack. That means all the data you can see on graphs, charts and tables is mocked in Javascript so you can use the backend of your choice with no limitations. Azimis 100% responsive. Whether your users use tablets, mobiles or desktops to access your site, they’ll all have the same consistent user experience.

21. Primer

Primer is a creative material design admin template built with Angular 2. It comes out of the box with AoT and lazy loading support, Language translation , RTL support and light and dark colour schemes. With this, you get all you need to start working on your SAAS, CRM, CMS or dashboard based project.

22. Able pro

Able pro is fully responsive and retina ready HTML5 Dashboard Template crafed in Bootstrap4 framework with material look and feel. Since it is responsive, the layout will adapt to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smart phones, tablets or desktop computers.

23. Fury

Fury is a creative material design admin template built with Angular 2 and the Angular-CLI. It extends the Material Design components built by the Angular 2 team and it offers you everything you need to get started with your next CRM, CMS or dashboard based project. AngularJS2 / Angular 2 is the perfect framework for building large enterprise applications and allows for a modular component setup. Components can be added and removed by simply removing the corresponding folder, as everything added is always component-specific and modular.

24. Material

Material is a Google Material Design inspired admin HTML5 template built with Angular 2 and Bootstrap 4 Framework. Material is 100% responsive. Whether your users use tablets, mobiles or desktops to access your site, they’ll all have the same consistent user experience.

25. Bdtask

Bdtask is a responsive bootstrap admin template for any kinds of websites software admin panel.This bootstrap admin template is fully responsive and bootstrap 4 based design.This dashboard template has 100+ pages and widget ready. It is 100% user friendly and unique admin panel template.

Ample Admin is a popular open source WebApp template for admin dashboards and control panels. It is a responsive HTML template that is based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 3.3.7 It utilizes all of the Bootstrap components in its design and re-styles many commonly used plugins to create a consistent design that can be used as a user interface for backend applications.

27. Backend

Backend is a multipurpose admin dashboard template. It is the fully responsive HTML5 template created with the use of Bootstrap 4 framework. It supports gulp, bower, SASS as well. It is one of the most powerful, feature packed admin template provides you maximum capabilities. Backend has more than 2600+ UI elements, 2500+ pages, 110+ jquery plugins, 1400+ icons as well. Create your easy to use web application with dark & light skins.

HTML5 Dashboard Template

People often wants to find out How to create a dashboard in html5? Often it’s admin dashboard that show various boxes with analytics data in graph or table formats. Developing your own Admin Panel Template is often time consuming so it’s best to purchase real premium templates for few bucks. It’s will save you big money in long run because you will not lose your time developing. These days lots of Admin html5 Dashboard Designs using advanced technologies like Angular 1 or even Angular 2, all wraped in nice Material Design of Flat Design style. Dashboard Design Templates are great speed boosters in terms of web development and design of Admin Panels Templates.

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    • It’s not Drupal theme, it’s standalone HTML5 theme. You can make Drupal Theme for it, but you need to know how to develop drupal themes.

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